3 Of the Biggest Mistakes Designers Should Steer Clear Of

Bad Navigation Flow

You can find numerous websites when browsing the web, and a dozen are being created each day. But, not all of the sites tend to usable for users, as most of them lack the essential elements that provides optimal user experiences. The problem is that most of the web designers focus on adding elements that helps in improving the aesthetics of the design, however, those elements instead make the design less usable.

In this post, we’ll run you down through some of the most common mistakes that designers make when working on a web design project.

  1. Avoid Using Bizzare Font Styles

In a bid to make a web design more interactive and attention-grabbing, some designers make use of bizzare font styles. Remember that it is important that your site visitors are able to read the information provided in your design, however, adding strange and outlandish font styles often make reading a pain for the viewer’s.

For example, look at the below given image, you can see that the decorative text on the right hand site looks damaged. And so, readers will it find it difficult to read the text. On the other hand, the linear typeface on the left appears to be easy-readable.

Bizzare Font Styles

Another mistake that designers make is that they choose fonts without considering why they’re using such font in the first place. Also, it is very important to ensure that your typeface can adapt to different situations.


You can use “serif” fonts, as they’re easy-to-read and are ideal to be used for formal and informal text.

  1. Bad Navigation Flow

One of the most important factors that can make or break a site is its navigation. A web design must contain seamless navigation, so that users can easily move around the design. Unfortunately, many designers (not to mention the newbies) often make the navigation bar flashy to make it attractive, and instead end up making the navigation confusing to users.

For example: In the image as shown below, the items in the navigation bar are highlighted with red color, which makes the text difficult to read.

Bad Navigation Flow



Make sure that your website navigation is consistent and concise. Avoid highlighting the navigation items with colors that increases confusion and results in poor readability. In case, you’re using hyperlinks in the navigation bar than they should be easily recognizable from the body text.

  1. Using Too Many Images/Animations

No doubt, images help in quickly capturing the attention of users’ towards a web design. But, at the same time overloading your site with plenty of images can also be a distraction for users. Especially,

you should prevent using a lot of animations in your site. There’s no denying that animations help make a web design highly interactive and engaging, but when used in excess, it can leave users frustrated.

Wondering why?

Well, remember that we need to deal with not-so-patient users who don’t take much time to skip a page if it takes time to load. And, adding an ample number of images, and more importantly, animations causes a site to load slowly. This means that web designs featuring more than required images/animations will increase the page loading time, which in turn increases the abandonment rate of the site.


Use images that contains the more relevant information rather than ones that helps to spruce up a site. In simple words, don’t opt for purely decorative images, as studies conclude that such images are ignored by the human brain. But, as designers you might not understand the psychology behind “how the human brain works”. However, you can refer to the “Eye Tracking Study”, to get an idea of how users look at websites, and accordingly place relevant images in your design.

Final Words

Have you created an interactive web design with pleasing elements, but are unable to drive user’s attention towards it? Well, then chances are that you’ve made some web design mistake. While there are several mistakes that designers often make when working on web design projects, through this post, we’ve tried to cover the three most important and common mistakes that need to be avoided at all cost. In addition, we’ve added some advise to each of the web design mistakes as well.

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