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The advancement that has been witnessed in business scenario has forced companies to rethink the mode of handling shared information. Emails have of course changed the course of business communication and have considerably replaced the long time procedure of delivering information through couriers. But there was always problem of sharing attachments. In such a scenario, the Adobe PDF offers a way put for maintaining the original intent of the user’s document on any system.

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Advantages of PDF Documents

One of the most attributed features of PDF documents is that it puts in a common file format for transferring files among a wide number of users. In other words, we can say that it resolves the most common problem of users by providing the scope to access documents irrespective of any platform. This is because the Adobe Reader which is used by people to view, read and edit PDF documents is supported by a number of platforms. However, often users come up with issues due to which they are unable to open PDF files. What can be the cause of such kind of errors? Let us analyze this error and then find a suitable solution to fix up such issues.

Possible Reasons for Errors that Mentions “unable to open pdf file”

A workaround the error issue reveals that such type of issue might occur due to the following conditions

  1. Un- Recognizable PDF Files

In certain situations, the file extension that is used by Microsoft Windows in order to recognize whether the given file is a PDF or not gets stripped away when files are sent through email. Now, if the file or document does not have the name ending in .pdf, Microsoft is unable to identify and hence unable to open it. To verify that this the reason for error, users can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First save the PDF file on the system.
  • Then open the PDF reader and drag the saved PDF file to the reader
  • If the file is valid then there should be no problem with the opening of PDF file.
  1. No PDF Reader is Installed

Before trying to analyze other reasons one should ensure that the PDF reader has been installed on the system. To verify it, users can click on the Adobe PDF icon. If a working reader is installed on the system, then an example PDF file will open up in a new window. If it doesn’t, then users have to download Adobe Reader or any other reader for viewing the PDF document.

  1. Non-Complaisant PDF Files

PDF files which are created from non-Adobe applications do not always follow the complete PDF specification, and therefore there is a probability that they might not open in Reader or Acrobat. Further, previous versions of Reader did not require to follow the PDF standard, but the newer versions stand tough upon the enforcement for compatibility of PDF standards. With advance in every newer version of Reader, its rules become stricter to comply with the compliancy with the PDF specification. So, there is a certain level of chance user scan open a specific PDF in the previous version of the software, but not at least with the latest version.

  1. Updated Version Of PDF is not Installed on System

Often users face problems because their Abode reader is not updated to latest version and because of this the PDF file which comes as an attachment does not open with the older version. Therefore, it is always suggested that users should update their PDF reader to the latest version before trying out any other solutions.

Take the Help of Third-Party Solutions

If after trying out the above mentioned solutions, users could not sort out the issue, then there is a chance that the PDF files are corrupted or damaged. In such a case users must avail third-party solutions for recovering the corrupted files. One such solution is PDF Recovery application which offers a reliable solution for recovery of corrupted PDF files by creating a new PDF document. The tool well ensures to keep the original formatting of the file during the recovery process.

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