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Know The Key Secrets To A Winning Website

Every web designer is in search of knowing the secrets to gaining a winning website to gain series of rewards in being the best website. The question arises is what are the ingredients needed for a winning website? There are numerous key secrets that need to be disclosed to you if you’re aiming to build a winning website. Some of the elements include providing excellent user experience, great layout and interface, valuable content, and much more. In this article, we […]

10 Essential E-Commerce Web Design Tips To Keep In Mind

E-commerce is a highly competitive field as your rivals are right there to take over in a matter of clicks. If a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t find what he’s looking for, there’s a high chance he’ll switch to your rival’s website to find the product and services and this way you will lose a visitor. One way of keeping your visitor hooked onto your website is by providing a useful website that offers seamless user experience to […]

Creating Joomla template from PSD

So, you are a designer and you want to sell a template for Joomla or WordPress to some customer, well this can be a very hard task for you, isn’t it? You say to yourself “I am just a designer, all I want to do is design some very cool stuff and get paid for it. First thing you need to do is relax… after that you have several options to accomplish your task. 1. The easiest way (but costs […]

Guide to WordPress Blog Installation

WordPress is an open source program. It allows anybody access to the source code of a program, so that we may all work together to make a program better. Everybody works for free to advance a program which is then free for all to use worldwide. WordPress is a program that helps you create a website or blog. In WordPress, a theme is a way of changing the presentation, look and design of your website.  It is like changing the […]

Top Prototyping Tools for UI and UX Designers

Are you sure you know exactly what your client has in his mind? Obviously, and that is why you are working on giving him apt interface and user experience (respectively). But beware; they often not like how you put their imagination in your creativity. Before putting them intangible (not literally!) apps, prototyping come into the picture and this list with all the latest Prototyping tools will become your partner in designing. Ever felt those highly complex coding creating havoc in […]

Photoshop to html – Fast but not with CSS

Photoshop is a fine piece of software for manipulating images etc and using it to export files as html.  There are however pros and cons to using Photoshop.  The biggest one is that Photoshop will only export html with table layout and not CSS layout. Pro and cons of exporting html from Photoshop. Pros: It allows you to have live pages in seconds Photoshop does have a lot of add-ons which will aid you in creating a HTML mock up, […]

DesignEvo Review: A Simple and Free Logo Maker

DesignEvo is an online logo maker that helps you create free custom logos in minutes. It provided with 3000+ full customizable templates, millions of vector icons, shapes, and fonts, which enables everyone to create unique logos in an easy and professional way. DesignEvo’s 3000+ professionally designed logo templates cover categories, like Technology, Animal, Restaurant, Education, Fashion, Club, etc. By browsing through 34 categories or searching with keywords, you can find a favorite logo template and customize it freely with your […]

A Free and portable integrated development environment for PHP HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

CodeLobster PHP Edition is a  free Web development tool for helping users to program efficiently in windows and PHP is a general-purpose programming language primarily designed for web development. There are several virsons of PHP in market today like custom, cake … but all of them can develop in CodeLobster PHP Edition. There are several websites like, or from where you can download it. A general user rating in between 4.5 to 5 out of 5 in all down-loadable […]