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How to find module positions on Joomla page?

Joomla is a popular, open-source content management system that allows you easily create and manage a dynamic website. Used by millions of websites worldwide, Joomla makes it easy to channelize your content publishing endeavors and is great for creating a variety of websites such as online portals, blogs, e-commerce applications and many more. Joomla boasts a powerful template system which not only enhances the overall appeal of your website but also helps you stay ahead of the curve. They are […]

Are you Interested for Solution: Unable to open PDF file?

The advancement that has been witnessed in business scenario has forced companies to rethink the mode of handling shared information. Emails have of course changed the course of business communication and have considerably replaced the long time procedure of delivering information through couriers. But there was always problem of sharing attachments. In such a scenario, the Adobe PDF offers a way put for maintaining the original intent of the user’s document on any system. Advantages of PDF Documents One of […]

How Beneficial Business IT Support Perth is?

Everyone does not have the complete knowledge about how to fix computer problems as their field is not the same and the complexity involved in the computers have also increased a lot. Everyone knows how to use the computer and fixes the basic problems which arise, but when it comes to the big problems, a lot of people give up on it. In such situations, you need an IT support otherwise this might get really difficult. Since you cannot read […]