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Know The Key Secrets To A Winning Website

Every web designer is in search of knowing the secrets to gaining a winning website to gain series of rewards in being the best website. The question arises is what are the ingredients needed for a winning website? There are numerous key secrets that need to be disclosed to you if you’re aiming to build a winning website. Some of the elements include providing excellent user experience, great layout and interface, valuable content, and much more. In this article, we […]

10 Essential E-Commerce Web Design Tips To Keep In Mind

E-commerce is a highly competitive field as your rivals are right there to take over in a matter of clicks. If a visitor comes to your site and doesn’t find what he’s looking for, there’s a high chance he’ll switch to your rival’s website to find the product and services and this way you will lose a visitor. One way of keeping your visitor hooked onto your website is by providing a useful website that offers seamless user experience to […]

Creating Joomla template from PSD

So, you are a designer and you want to sell a template for Joomla or WordPress to some customer, well this can be a very hard task for you, isn’t it? You say to yourself “I am just a designer, all I want to do is design some very cool stuff and get paid for it. First thing you need to do is relax… after that you have several options to accomplish your task. 1. The easiest way (but costs […]

How To turn the WordPress Blog Into A Business?

Do you want to turn your WordPress blog into a business? If yes, then you have come to the right page. In this post, we will explore some tips to turn the blog into a business. Getting started If you wish to start a business, you need to have a clear picture, at least in your head that what the entire brand will be about. Keeping almost a ton of factor you will have to decide everything about the brand. […]

Top 10 Free and Paid WooCommerce Themes

Full Disclosure: It’s a strictly advisory list, not a paid promotion. These premium themes are in this list for good features and great code, not referral bonus. Note: All themes listed here are responsive, routinely updated by developers, and taken from trusted source (  Free themes are all taken from WordPress Theme directory. Let’s start with a blast and get the fantastic-5, rightfully premium themes out of the way: 1. Legenda Price: $59 There’s so much you can do with […]

Designing a Progress Bar Using HTML5

With HTML5 dominating the web development world and inspiring webmasters globally, a significant outburst can be seen in the way it gains ascendancy over every aspect of website design. As progress bars are gaining prominence to show the user occurrence of an event, HTML5 serves as a decisive factor to create and animate them in the manner most effective. Progress bars are great to display the progress of any specific task, such as downloads, uploads, or anything that is related […]

Why CSS is so important in Web Designing

Cascading Sheet Style most commonly known as CSS, it primarily used to design the website. CSS controls the colour, fonts, text background, margin, and layout of the web page. With available templates and themes, it’s easier to make changes to the website so why the need to learn CSS. For starters, as a developer you’re in control of what changes you want to make to your website. Whereas HTML deals with the actual content and structure of your website, CSS […]

Custom Website Design Services Online

Your website going to represent your organization or company online, why not make it look its best. The internet is a big space where every websites tries place a permanent mark. However, it is not as easy as it seems. You need to look and perform the best to be the one out of the zillions of crowds. At SEO Website Design, we have a custom website design service from just a simple website design to multifaceted ecommerce website. Our […]