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Creating Joomla template from PSD

So, you are a designer and you want to sell a template for Joomla or WordPress to some customer, well this can be a very hard task for you, isn’t it? You say to yourself “I am just a designer, all I want to do is design some very cool stuff and get paid for it. First thing you need to do is relax… after that you have several options to accomplish your task. 1. The easiest way (but costs […]

A stepwise guide on building a responsive menu for your WP Theme

Mere installation of a responsive theme won’t help you make your WordPress site ready-to-use for varied mobile devices. It is an addition of a mobile-specific menu to the WP theme that’ll render a flawless user experience to your mobile visitors. This tutorial will help you find everything about the same. What’s covered in this tutorial? Well, in this tutorial, I’ve jotted down a list of simple steps that aid you in adding a mobile-ready menu for your WordPress responsive theme. […]

Web Site Design Templates

Do you run a company that does not have a website? This is not a situation that should be allowed to stay because his company will not be able to get enough profit without a website. Most companies find web site design to be a simple task, because it is very specialized. There are two options open to you if you want to create your website. One is to hire a design firm that will do all the work for […]