Five Web Design Trends for 2013

Web Design Trends for 2013

The 2013 years was a great year for web designers because it saw new trends that have significantly changed the web looks. This year saw a rise in the responsive designs, innovative typography and use of effects and animation with the help of JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS3. These trends must be given weight age by web designing companies to come up with unique and interesting web designs.

In 2013, web designers witnessed a change in web designing trends that set the founding stones of radical changes in the way we approach website designing. This year, the World Wide Web flocked towards HTML 5 website styled with new features of CSS3. Keeping these features in mind 2013, marked revamp and redesigning of many websites.

If you want to know which five web designing trends made the strongest impact this year and will continue to do so, read on:

1.       Go responsive: HTML5 is to not only create games with a canvas and show off animations using CSS3. The primary reason of the growing popularity among developers is that it allows web application development that automatically adjusts itself on small screen devices. The content of the site shifts and adjusts on devices like the iPhone or iPad. It is important for designers to create fluid websites keeping the growing demand of smartphones in mind.

2.       Single tone colors: This is an emerging trend to use single shades of red and blue to determine the theme of the website. Use of minimalistic color tones help the readers focus on content and text of the site. Using bright colors provide visual indication that newer looks work. Being playful with colors is important to catch the attention of the users and make them come back on site repeatedly.

3.       Innovative typography: The year 2013 marked the trend of using stylized and bold text to define critical points on the site. Creative combinations and bold headlines help in creating an impression of the website even before audience reads a word or clicks the button. The Call-To-Action buttons that used Arial font for over a decade now saw an improvement in designs and font types. However, choose reader-friendly fonts only (no serifs!)

4.       Parallax scrolling: It is making its way into web designs, as it is very creative way to add an illusionistic appeal to the website. It moves the background and foreground images at different speeds that give you a 3D experience. Only experienced designers must use this technique, because over-usage will leave he users overwhelmed and confused rather than making any substantial point.

5.       Images: Full screen photo launch pages have become a huge trend. The use of images has taken over the sense of space and lets you convey the message quite effectively. It is no surprise that images can create a cinematic experience. Web designers do not only rely on stark images they even use video spanning to give users a sense of depth and space in addition to quickly conveying the message. Site wide slide shows are also gaining popularity as it conveys a sense of motion without the use of videos.

These five web design trends are worthy of special attention because they have made a global impact, especially in countries like India where a lot of the design work gets outsourced. We can expect a lot more and a lot of good work to come from these changing trends. Let us hope creativity does not begin to take a backseat to technical needs! See all web

Author Bio: Ashish Sharma works at WebApps Techmagnate as a software developer but spends his spare time to writing useful posts about Professional Website Development. He has spent over 5 years in this Industry and still curious to adopt and learn new things quickly.

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