Guide to WordPress Blog Installation

WordPress is an open source program. It allows anybody access to the source code of a program, so that we may all work together to make a program better. Everybody works for free to advance a program which is then free for all to use worldwide.

WordPress Blog Installation

WordPress is a program that helps you create a website or blog. In WordPress, a theme is a way of changing the presentation, look and design of your website.  It is like changing the skin but with a lot lot more control.  A theme is a collection of files that work together.  The result is that they create a graphical interface with an underlying unified design for a weblog.  This collection of files is called a “Template”.

A web page has an XHTML and CSS Style sheet.

XHTML = Holds the structure of the page, and the content.

CSS Style sheet = Holds the presentation styles of the page.

In WordPress the content is generated by various template files and the style sheet is stored together as a WordPress theme.

The best place to get your templates is the “WordPress Theme Directory”.  The beauty of open source programs are that many people may create templates themselves and pop them on their websites.  They may even charge for the ones they make.  The WordPress website gives details of Theme development if you are interested.  The templates at the (WordPress Theme Directory) are free and free from viruses and invasive software although you should still scan any downloads to be sure.

So go to:

Pick out the theme you want by browsing or using the new “Tag filter” system


Scan with your virus checker

Extract the files

With an FTP client, access your host web server

Create a directory

Save your theme in the wp-content/themes directory that comes with WordPress

So if you name it “burk” (for example), then the directory should look like wp-content/themes/burk

Upload theme files to your host server, putting them into your new directory

To then select and install your new theme (template).

Log into your Administrator panel.

Select Appearance panel

Select Themes

Select install themes

Search for the theme you wish to use.  You can do this with the sub-menu or the search/filter options.

Click the preview link if you wish

Then click to install link, which will upload the theme to your blog

You may use the upload link, located on the top sub menu if you want to upload a zip copy of a them you downloaded earlier to your machine.

To select your active theme

Log into your Administrator panel

Use the available themes section

Click the theme title

A preview will pop up

Click link at the top right saying “Activate ‘Theme Name’”

Your selection is now active

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