Introduction to Video Game Design Part II

Game Design

We is also a pleasure point of view the idea of a player. The lesson is that regardless of the size of the games for fun for players in the world with luggage and game designers to create, he must accept it.
We also mentioned the idea of game design bring a blueprint, a model of a game, to create not yet been established, and the concept is now ahead.

Expansion the blueprint analogy plan.

In the introduction of this chapter, we likened video game design to a blueprint we raw and experts to build a house without a plan, it can not continue to work on real meaning. Imagine a team simply trying to work “wings” and build a house. Manufacturers can the driving skills to all areas of the roof, but without a plan, which is the first place? Man from the roof, that their work is based on the farmer’s wall? Then, the rough plumbing do not know where the bathroom and kitchen where is?

A handful of year ago , you could just roll up your sleeves, head down to the base mean, flare up your 486, and dive into creating your own video game design. Creative freedom, which corresponds to a healthy eye, the GUI portion of the game all weekend long in England and night, and three or four months of the game, and if at the beginning of the chirp compensation if the right combination of risk and return and mixed with a little originality, you can actually play the game experience of lasting value

Blueprint of video game design

Blueprint of video game design

Introduction to the game design document.

Video game design document, the words, tables and charts illustrate the action game, back in the story of a fictional game world, the layout of the buttons interface charges archers swordsmen.

A blueprint project can be a different audience: a new home owner and the banker who financed the project, to name a few. However, the primary target group of the group work is used to lead the work plan for the creation of the structure.

The same applies to the draft document of video game design. The interest rate can be a publisher, in search of a game, or an actor, the context in which a character who wants to understand lends his voice to be interested. However, the main target group of project documentation, a team game developers game programmers, artists and designers who create the level of play and with the plans a reality.

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