Know the ABC of Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

A landing page refers to the page which appears first when you click on a URL. Most of the time, it is a website’s home page that you land on but a landing page may be any page of your site. The landing page design is very crucial to your business goals and marketing tactics. It is the main page where the traffic is sent. Whether you sell a product or just want the online visitors to sign up for you services, the landing page of your site is what can convert your business dreams in perceptible reality.

Landing Page Design:

It requires a consummate blend of intuition and imagination, perfection and professionalism, expertise and experience to build up a website. A lot of thoughts and work go into making a website with unique look and feel. A website is an online face of your brand and therefore must be perfect in terms of design and data. However, as the landing page is the first and most visited page of your website, so extra care and effort are required to design it. Landing page design becomes more important in case of paid advertising. So, getting it just right is very important for realizing your business objectives and keeping in tune with the advertising system as well. And all these lead to making reduction in cost per click.

Landing page design varies depending on what purposes you have in your mind. However, the trick to make a good design is to keep the look simple yet catchy. Here are some examples of different landing page styles. You can better judge which variety suits your needs.

Sales Letter Page:

Such landing page design generally uses a long vertical letter page containing informative details about the products and services on offer, images, video clippings, multimedia, testimonials and other essentials to better your advertising stunt and reach online visitors faster than expected.

Launch Page:

As the name suggests, this page is used prior to launching a new items. The chore objective is to build up hype among the mass so that the product becomes a hit in the market. This landing page design is done with a view to providing updated information to the potential customers and get in touch with them till the arrival of ‘launching’ date.

Click through Page/Review Page:

This page is considered as the best landing page when it comes to ‘pre-selling’. Not only the sellers but also the buyers use this page to make a decision whether to buy or not. A positive thought puts them in the right mindset to make a buy and it is only after providing an online consent, they are sent to the official page site of the business owners.  Landing page design to create such a ‘double punch’ is not easy and better to be left to an expert designer.

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