Mobile Web Design And Its Ever-Growing Significance In Website

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As a major population of internet users is switching to mobile devices like tablets and smartphones for performing different tasks, it is not surprising to find every renowned iOS App development company in India¬† thoroughly engaged in designing corporate iOS apps that are well-suited for meeting varied business requirements. With mobile phone taking over internet surfing as a whole, users have gathered the flexibility of browsing emails, social media outlets and doing a lot of other stuff online. Mobile-compatible websites are built using mobile web design. Today, in this blog, I’ll be highlighting the importance of mobile web design in the website development industry.

What is responsive web design?

responsive web designUnlike the process of designing two separate versions of a website, one for web and one for mobile; it is better to have a site that’s equally favorable for both mobile users as well as desktop users. It is here that the role of responsive web design comes to play. Every mobile responsive website that’s built using mobile web design comprises of content, images and a structure that remains consistent irrespective of the device and screen size. In other words, the way a responsive website is visible on the desktop will be exactly similar to the way in which the mobile users view it.

Google recommends the use of Mobile Web Design

GoogleThere’s no denying of the fact that things which Google recommends become hottest topics of discussion overnight. One such subject that has been creating storms in the website development world is the use of mobile web design. Google prefers responsive web design as the best recommended mobile configuration. Whether you’re a startup or an established entrepreneur, designing a website using responsive web design actually assures 100% Google crawling in addition to indexing of all the content that has been placed into the website. A key reason behind the growing usage of mobile web design is that all the different sites just need to have a single URL and HTML for a wide array of devices.

Improved User Experience comes guaranteed with websites that are built using mobile web design

img4Unlike the traditional website design, a mobile responsive web design has the potential of giving birth to websites that are equipped with excellent user experience. Whether it’s about zooming or shrinking text/images or simply playing with the site’s content, a mobile-friendly website automatically adjusts to the screen of the device it’s being viewed on. This flexibility attached to mobile responsive websites makes them easy to navigate and read for the end users. With perfectly designed social media icons and buttons, a responsive website can meet and even exceed the expectations of a varied audience.

Conversion Rates can touch the sky with the use of a mobile responsive website

A mobile web design not only has the ability to make the users happy but it can even increase the coveted conversion rates by gathering customers from different parts of the world. With the flawless functioning of the website on a mobile or tablet device, there are fare chances for users getting converted into high-paying leads. In addition to this, even some high-end tasks such as heatmapping and A/B testing can be easily undertaken with the help of responsive web design. By segmenting users by mobile, you can get a clearer idea about the way in which users will be interacting with your website.

Mobile usage will never cease to exist

Step out of your home and you’ll find hundreds and thousands of people using their smartphones for performing a range of tasks, both small as well as big ones. If you look at the statistics, it’s easily visible that more than 20 percent of Google searches are performed via mobile devices, around 25.85 percent emails are being regularly opened on mobile devices with 10.16 percent of them being opened on tablets. Last, but definitely not the least, the year 2014 will witness a rapid growth in the internet usage with over 1.08 billions smartphones being activated by smartphone manufacturing companies.


The significance of mobile web design hasn’t got un-noticed ever since the mobile phones came into existence. By empowering your website with a mobile-responsive web design, you can incredibly improve its success rate by great bounds and leaps

About Author: Emily Heming is an iPhone app developer for Xicom Technologies which offers the reliable mobile development services from where you can also hire iPhone app developer with her best assistance.

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