Reasons Why Responsive Web Design Helps People Buy Your Product

Responsive Web Design

Google algorithms have made it mandatory to have a website with a responsive outlet for better ranking. Rating of a website on search engines depends on the time it takes to open. If your website loading time would be terrible, it can deteriorate your brand position in search engine results. Using responsive designs for your website can create a seamless experience for the users.

Why is it important to use responsive designs for increasing the popularity of your e-commerce product?

Initially, website development companies were spending lots of time designing separate websites for desktop and mobile users. People are shifting their interest from desktop to mobile devices because they are more efficient in performing any important activity. Today, the time has changed and the trend of using mobile-friendly sites have gained popularity. Responsive websites are compatible with every single device, they can convert the designs according to screen size. It is easy for you to convince the users to buy your products.

Let’s have a look at some important reasons to use responsive designs for your online store business:

Google supports responsive designs

A number of organizations are still confused whether they should create a separate website for desktop and mobile devices or they just need to just build a single website.  According to Google, a responsive website can have a better presence in search engine results. If you are using responsive design for your website, you just have to take care of single URL and set of pages for a single site. Responsive sites can decrease the chances of getting duplicacy in the content.

User experience can be upgraded

A common desktop supporting online shopping site takes a lot to open on a mobile device. When the user opens such sites on their mobile device, the font will appear smaller and can create an irritating situation. It can affect your overall outcome and maybe the customer will switch to other shopping sites. Responsive web designs are enough for saving your time and protect you from unnecessary work.

Easy to manage website speed

An online shopping website contains lots of data which needs to be managed effectively. If you will have a desktop supporting site, it can’t be easily opened on mobile device and wastes time of your website visitors. With the help of a responsive layout, it will be quite easy for you to manage the website speed. As a website owner, you may expect the best results.


There can be certain circumstances where the initial cost of developing a responsive e-commerce website can be a bit expensive but it can be useful in the long run. Once you design an online shopping website with responsive design, there is no need to pay extra for managing separate desktop and mobile supporting sites.

Better for SEO

When you want to see your e-commerce website in the top position, it is better to go for responsive designs. Using responsive designs can decrease the chances of double work and you just have to look after at one version for each website page. The chances of using copied content can be decreased and you may focus in one place.

Bounce rate can be managed

 You need to ensure that your website runs effectively on every possible device, it can have a direct impact on bounce rate. It is quite difficult to manage separate content for both desktop and mobile version, Google may assume that your website isn’t offering the relevant information. As it is already known that responsive designs can be compatible with the screen of all sizes, bounce rate can be controlled without getting into serious trouble.

Facilitates social shares

Responsive designs can assure you with easy social sharing because you just have to focus on one URL. It will be easy for you to keep a track of every activity related to your e-commerce website whenever it is clicked by someone. Customers can effortlessly interact with your brand and level of engagement will be enhanced.

Content can be utilized efficiently

It is quite hectic for the retailers to change content on regular basis. Having different versions of your online store website makes it difficult to manage content separately. Responsive designs can use the same content for desktop and mobile versions which is really helpful to maintain your online presence.

Compete in the business world

To be in the competition, you need to introduce something which can be elegant and unique. Responsive design websites can fit in different screen sizes and are quite amazing to serve your business purpose. It doesn’t matter whether people are surfing your website from a desktop or mobile device, they can get the best experience from it.

Conversion rates can be enhanced

In case, a user browses your website and gets into trouble as your website is not showing the required information clearly, they may lose interest in taking service. Using a responsive design can increase the interest rate of visitors and they would like to convert themselves directly to potential users. It can ultimately improve the sales rate of your product.


Using responsive design makes you capable to compete with other businesses. It facilitates you to maintain costs and getting better visibility in search engines. Apart from that, conversion rates can be improved and the website visitors will have an optimal experience.

Author Bio: Jacob Colleen is a Digital Marketer having several years of experience. He has a better knowledge about changing technology trends and knows ins and outs of current marketing trends. He aspires to share his learning to the visitors through his write-ups so that they will be updated.

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