Living in the multimedia era, the role of graphics and visuals is imperative in the field of advertising. Only the quality of the product/service offered by your company is no longer enough; you must have a fair idea of how to present it with the right look and feel. This is where the importance of logo designs comes in.

logo design

By definition, a logo is icon or graphic symbol, specially created to act as the emblem of your brand. Hence, a logo is virtually the face of your company and is of utmost importance to your business. So much so, that if properly created the right logo designs could promote your brand identity and draw potential customers to your business.

3 vital components of good logo designs

Logo designs usually constitute of 3 parts, namely icon, logotype and slogan. Logo icon signifies the brand mark or image that represents the brand. Renowned brands often choose their icons as their logo without adding any slogan or typeface to it. These logos are synonymous with their brand names and cause immediate recall in the viewers.

Logotype refers to the unique font or typeface that spells out the name of the company. Brands newly introduced in the market should definitely make logotype an essential part of their logo designs. The typeface is best kept simple for easy legibility.

The third component slogan, also known as tagline presents a brief phrase describing the company. Again, comparatively new companies should use a slogan suggesting business for their company. Reviewing and changing taglines from time to time depending on market demand is very important.

Aspects of logo designs

A logo looks small and petite but creating one is not as easy as it apparently appears. It requires professional creativity and labor to come up with hit logo designs idea.  Successful logo designs generally thrive on the principles of simplicity, versatility, appropriateness and timelessness. The vision and purpose of a company should be reflected in its logo.

The success of a logo depends on its being designed in a clear and unique manner that can deliver the brand message to all sections of people with varying IQ levels. Also, if you are targeting to spread out your business in foreign territories, you must ensure that your logo design is not offensive to the inhabitants of those countries.

Choosing the right color is an essential part of logo designs. Bright colors like red seek to be eye-catchers, lighter shades reflect a cheerful and stable mood, metallic colors stand for elegance and expensiveness while dark and solid shades are considered masculine. Hence, it is best to entrust only a professional designer to design your logo.  He would create a logo that does not lose out on its appeal when its dimensions are altered.