Top 10 Mobile apps specially tailored for WordPress bloggers

Irrespective of whether you’ve chosen blogging as a hobby or as a serious business, making the most of mobile technology is something that can aid you with driving the desired traffic to your web portal. With plenty of mobile apps dedicated to WordPress bloggers, you won’t have to invest a great deal of time and efforts into writing/editing posts and managing your WordPress blog on a regular basis. These apps will do all the hard work and prove to be immensely useful in the long-term. Today, in this post, I’ve jotted down ten of the finest mobile apps which have been designed to suit the varying needs of WordPress bloggers. So, let’s drive straight to these mobile apps.

  1. Feedly

1.	Feedly

If you’re a regular blogger and want to keep yourself abreast with all the latest news and trends in the world of blogging, Feedly is the app for you. You can download and install the app to read everything about your favorite news and blogs all at one place. As a contemporary RSS feed reader equipped with a stunning magazine style layout, Feedly allows you to categorize, tag and share your posts with the entire web community. Seamless integration with popular networking sites like Twitter, Buffer, Facebook, Pinterest, OneNote and LinkedIn make it possible for you to share your posts with family, friends and colleagues.

  1. BlogPad Pro

2.	BlogPad Pro

Managing multiple WordPress blogs that are operated via different user accounts is something that can cause a lot of stress to the owner. Fortunately, the easy availability of mobile phones has helped us in blogging from anywhere at anytime, irrespective of whether or not there is an internet connection or you’re in an airplane. During the offline mode, upon getting connected to the internet, you can go ahead with synchronizing all changes that have been made while you were diconnected to the internet. Features such as autosave and conflict management make BlogPad Pro one of the best mobile apps that guarantee the safety and security of all your vital posts.

  1. LastPass Premium

LastPass Premium

If you’re bothered about ensuring unique and stronger passwords for your WordPress website, then LastPass is the password manager app you can’t afford to miss. Available for both, iOS and Android mobile platforms, LastPass Premium comes with excellent features including: unlimited mobile access via smartphones and tablets, flexibility to fill app logins on mobile, flexibility to fill web logins on Opera and Chrome mobile, flexibility to share logins and notes with family and friends etc.

4. BlogPress

4.	BlogPress

As a simple, feature-loaded and easy-to-use mobile application, BlogPress allows you to share important content, your daily life with people who are closest to you. Whether you’re interested in sharing text, videos, photos, comments, location, categories, labels/tags etc., BlogPress is the answer for all your blogging needs. Well-integrated with popular social networks like Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and YouTube, BlogPress is an app that must not be missed by any WordPress blogger.

  1. WordPress

5.	WordPress

As one of the most brilliant WordPress blogging apps for self-hosted WordPress blogs as well as blogs, WordPress lets you perform a range of tasks including creation, editing and publishing of blog posts. Plus, you can also use the app for checking on the analytics data, moderating comments and analyzing photos or videos which have been clicked using the mobile phone’s in-built camera.

  1. Hootsuite

6.	Hootsuite

WordPress users looking for promotion of their blog/site can choose the Hootsuite app without giving a second thought. Whether it’s about scheduling or auto queuing the posts, tracking link stats or managing all the social media lists; installation of the Hootsuite app can work wonders for you.

  1. Pocket

7.	Pocket

Despite the wide pool of information available over the internet, it is often impossible to read every interesting piece of content found online. As a serious WordPress blogger, you can go ahead with installing the Pocket app in your smartphone/smart tablet- thereby availing the flexibility of saving all your favorite write-ups and reading them later in accordance to your individual convenience.

  1. Any.Do


If you’re a serious and a well-organized WordPress blogger then installing the mobile app will suit you the best. With this app, you’ll be able to create a ‘To Do’ list which comprises of multiple task lists including a series of recurring activities that need to be performed regularly. If you’re looking out for a Team Collaboration, then app will undoubtedly serve as a brilliant help tool.

  1. Writer

9.	Writer

As a WordPress blogger if distraction-free writing environment is what you’ve been looking for, then Writer is the Android app you shouldn’t miss for sure. With this smartphone app, you’ll be able to use different markdowns(for eg: H1, H2, H3, italics and bold) which are absolutely essential for ensuring accurate formatting of your write-up.

Also, there are word count and estimated reading time tools which add convenience to the entire blog writing regime. Whether you’re interested in taking down notes or want to write a complete novel using your smartphone or tablet, a complete installation of Writer app will make things possible for you.

  • 10.	Pingdom10. Pingdom

Keeping a good check over the uptime of your WordPress blog/site is something you can’t afford to ignore for sure. Pingdom is an efficient website uptime monitorung app which shows you the correct status of your WordPress site/blog in addition to all the services that have been activated for it lately.


While there are plenty of mobile apps which are a must-install for your WordPress website/blog, the ones covered above are definitely the best ones to look at. So, proceed to installing the ones which suit your preferences in the best possible way.

Author Bio: Rick Brown is a programmer who has helped companies gain momentum with their small and large scale projects. If you need to iPhone app developer for hire then simply get in touch with Rick via Twitter. He is currently working for Mobiers Ltd. a leading mobile app development company.

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