Top 5 Web Designing Trends That Will Continue To Dominate Rest of 2014

The community of top-notch web developers and designers has been never tired of creating brilliant and innovative websites, which look beautiful and work amazingly on every type of device. Web designers had a great time last year with some of the best web designs. Although, some sank, some took off, while some of them made a big splash among its users. 2014 has already seen a deluge of new trends and they are likely to keep dominating the scene for the months to come:

1. Clean and Responsive Design


One very cool trend that comes out this year, is the use of responsive designs for websites. Designers have been constantly using this platform like an inspiration and creating websites that adjusts easily as per the size of your desktop, tablets and Smartphone devices. Since Smartphones and tablet devices are selling like hotcakes, it is actually forcing designers to re-think and create user experiences that work better on small screens.

The need to work in compatible with mobile-enabled user base has made designers more agile and thus positioning them for future. While going responsive, you provide a mobile-friendly experience to customers and if you don’t, customers will bounce off your website and switch to your competitors websites as they are easier to use. Hence, being responsive will not only shape the impression but also create an ambience that appeals to your audience.

2. Benefit of Flat Design


With the release of iOS7 by Apple, there is a term that came into existence “flat design”. Flat UI showcases a rich blend of subtle and smooth colors, coupled with simplicity, which breathes life to a website and its applications. After Apple, Microsoft too has been developing Flat designs with the launch of Windows 8. This can be attributed to the popularity that flat designs are going to achieve in the near future as well. Since, flat designs are easy and straightforward in their design, this clean trend appears almost everywhere and has proven its capability to communicate any message or promote a product or idea in the most effective way.

3. Interactive One Page Scrolling


A house with three to five rooms are more complex to navigate as compared to a house with just a single room. Same is the case with websites, so why make it complex by stuffing it with so many pages when you have the option to integrate all your content on a single page. The concept of “long scrolling” has allowed designers to keep all the content on a single page, thus allowing users to explore more in less time. The website makes use of lightboxes, overlays, and titles, which are flexible and expandable enough to be positioned anywhere and reached to a variety of content related to the website.

4. Interesting and Attractive Typographies


Being a typography lover, I feel myself pleased, to see web designers doing experiments with different types of typographies. By getting a huge pool of multiple fonts, colors, and characters, designers are actually taking it as an opportunity to add to their knowledge and develop more skills in website designing, which in turn help them to bring out the element of uniqueness and personality to their created websites.

Gone are the days when Arial, Times New Roman like traditional fonts were dominating the field. 2014 has actually taken the role of typographies seriously by giving it a status of the mainstream. The world of mobile apps where we’ve been indulged completely, has played a major role in increasing our font usage expectations. These high-quality fonts are available at affordable prices that keep your website professional without foregoing the personality side.

5. Videos Taking the Center Stage in Place of Texts


Why read if you can watch? Presentation of video content has become much more viable option for web designers, and it is easy to see this trend almost in every website. The reason being, videos are easier to produce, easier to share, not only on your website but on social websites as well. Although, some might argue that videos don’t possess the ability to carry all the information related to a website, also they take time to get loaded and run. Besides all this, videos have emerged as one of the most effective ways to express motives, values and technical aspects of a website. Some of the videos are using 3D sound clips to get the message in the most clear ways.


Smaller interface concepts are the topics that can actually bring life into a website. As a designer, one should always opt for a design that best suits his requirements and should be work in accordance with the latest trends.

So, what do you think which web design will get a solid foundation in 2014?

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