Top 6 Web Design Tools for New Coders in this Exciting Field

Have you ever thought about what you need as a designer to excel? I am sure you will come up with a lot of things except the ones that deal with coding. There are many ways in which you need to have a proper idea about different tools related to design but not about programming as this is something out of bounds for you. But what if I tell you that there are tools that can help you out in offering you ways to go for some sort of programming.

top web design tools 2019


While some of you would argue that why the heck the designers or anyone else, certainly not a programmer or hardcore coder, would like a toll like this. There are many ways in which it is critical for the managers of the designers as they also have to deal with business development to boost their business and have a prominent presence in the market.

Following are top 6 web design tools which can offer the best support to a designer looking for some good tools in this regard.

  1. Sketch

In simple words, Sketch is a front-end design and mock-up tool. It enables you to publish responsive websites so that you can have publish websites with no prior coding needed.

For layouts and graphic elements, you need to make sure that you are able to create simple animations to test out the UX quickly and easily. This needs to be really easy for you so that you can have a blast concerning this aspect. There are many ways in this concern that you need to carry out for the best practice. The mirror tool of Sketch let you preview designs immediately on your smartphone or tablet.

Sketch has plenty of other functionalities too which are time saving so that you can have a blast while working on it. Symbols can be repurposed and resized throughout a design and it is one of the best ways to make this happen. But there’s just one hitch that makes its availability as a commercial software limited, i.e. it is only available for Mac, it costs $99/year for a single license and as you increase the number of orders or number of systems using it, you can get it for as low as $59/year for 50 or more devices.

You can also try Sketch for free and it is one of the best tools so do try it as it is highly recommended.

  1. Muse

Adobe is a very popular name in the world of software’s for publishing and free readers like Acrobat. So, it was natural that Adobe will come up with such a tool. The solution is for non-coding designs is one of the best in its category for sure. The unmatched features are what that makes it a really adaptive one with all the best features one can get in this price.

Complex website and app solutions in partnership with third-party developers wasn’t the initial solution in the mind of the Adobe but now designers can still use Adobe XD to design and build prototypes with export web-ready code, as an exception. Developers can use Muse with everything they need to get codes. Customized based UI sites is one of the missions of Adobe Portfolio competes in.

As we all know that one-page websites such as newsletters or landing pages are making a splash all through can also be used and created with Adobe Spark. As most options like for Muse won’t be with you after 2020 and makes it a short-term option. So, if you’re already paying for a substitute, it’s perfectly fine. Otherwise you have to stick with what we look as a premier tool in this concern. There is no way that you are bound to use it as you can always have other options too.

3. Carrd

With a rather unusual name, you may think that it is just another tool but isn’t. It is the simplest and easy to use tool in this list as you can create a simple and responsive page with it within minutes. There are many ways in which you can think of this as the best one’s it takes on the Adobe Spark and give it a good fight. There are many options available for it that makes it a good one as the ease of use a big plus in this concern.

One pages can be created using Card like a cake but you can technically go for separate pages too so that you can make a strong impact in this concern. But the best feature of it all is it is free for up to their sites and then you will have to buy it. So there are many options that you can have as just dollar 9 is the fees you have to pay for all the best features in this concern.

  1. Webydo

Another cloud-based service, Webydo has come a long way since it was launched. In making sure that there are many ways in which a simple tool like this can excel, it has offered truly amazing features and continue to delight us with new features helping novice coders. It is basically a tool that let its users design flat screens in Photoshop without much hassle. The focus is primarily offering a drag-and-drop interface so that to create a responsive website.

The only letdown is that you can’t use this software for more than one week as the free-trial ends after this period. And as the number of users increase, so does the amount but this tool is certainly worth the price. That’s where a web design company can help you with their designers as they are proficient in all of these tools and other software’s which are necessary for a web design.

  1. Webflow

Another drag-and-drop interface is offered by this tool and you have to admit that this one is a very good one. There are many ways in which it provide the coders the power to build and design a website which is responsive in nature. But unlike some of the best WYSIWYG editors, it offers clean and efficient HTML and CSS code. Features such as parallax scrolling effects and animations are some of the coolest features of this tool.

One great feature that I would like you to know more about is CMS which is versatile to say the least as you can build your blogs and ecommerce portals quite easily. You can use the free trial version and if you want to use the premium features, the price starts from 15 dollars/month. Let’s look at the sixth and final option that we will discuss now in this blog.

  1. Figma

Figma can be best compared to Sketch in this list as it also offer you to publish responsive websites and enable multiple designers to collaborate in real-time. You can create some icons too for a website and you will find the working really smooth. Anyone can easily learn to work on Figma as it is really easy to understand and master.

It’s a really useful tool when you need to quickly add small additions to an existing layout. You can use the free version and then move onto the premium version.

Final Word

If you want to know more about any of the 3 tools mentioned above or want to offer your valuable feedback, then you can use the comments section below.

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  1. I see that you have compiled a great list of tools for web designers I personally use sketch and Photoshop to get my all works done. Looking forward to your more informative posts.

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