Video Games Creativity Exercises

Training video games creative spirit is not only a good idea, it’s very funny. Creativity exercises and mental exercises, training, and nurture their creative talents. There are many excellent resources that enable you to download the creativity. Let’s look at some exercises, the mind games challenge of the project. These exercises are not only designed but also serves as a perfect team.

Decode a video game

Play the game and deconstruction. What are the rules, both overt and covert? What skills are required? What a game? As for the perception and the senses, which are used to measure progress? How do you know how to make the game? What elements of risk and reward is part of the job? What aspects of the game that is fun and unique?

Limited Story

Write a sudden fiction. This is a picture of history. You can concentrate on creating something interesting, but the effort to create a story too quickly. Do not waste your time to the ebb and flow of property, as the deadline for writing that in general terms. Diving and precise and detailed.

Short story into game

Find the story is interesting and I like it. Take your time and write down a short side, as this story could be the game convincingly. Concentrate on what the players and if you can find elements of a story that makes you.

Miniature Worlds

Take a walk and collect items to create a little world of video games design, and then to do it a week before anything. Now check the issue and found glue or whatever you want to work in the construction of dioramas in the world in miniature, without stand. Until next week. After his return to write a short essay on the labor market and what makes you beautiful.

Game into short story

If one of your favorite games and write a story about the adventures we had while reading. Do not worry about creating the whole picture, just to be part of the game, and perhaps a response scenarios. Use a letter to the senses and stop with the letter I had no time to play


Biography Snapshot

Take a picture of the newspaper, poster or anything interesting, focusing on character intrigues you are in a way, an excellent source for online communications. Create a character of you game design and write a brief description of what happened before, after, and how the picture was taken.

Scroll Timeline

Get a roll of paper and the time of my life. Do this every time he moved to the school experienced a significant event in the world, animals, concerts’ve years, since the structure. Then go back and collect the information in a simple and powerful magic, or mount image. Trade functions of memory does not have access to more than one year, a great mental exercise and the time structure allows you to access and retrieve memories.

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