What benefits will be obtained if using the drip campaign email?


Drip campaigns are one of the effective ways used to promote a product to consumers. You can create one with the help of one of the numerous tools on the Internet and send it instantly. Thanks to drip campaigns, marketing becomes more comfortable and can be done properly and without your particular participation. The drip campaigns benefits are numerous and we want to tell you more about them. Hopefully, the reasons will be persuasive enough for you to try drip campaigns.

1. Brand recognition and awareness.

You should send not only useful content to people regularly but the emails should be easily recognizable. For this purpose, you can use corporate logo, or your own profesional signature, or the same email format each time. The consumer’s brain will remember them and will further on associate them with your brand. You have indirectly instilled product introduction to consumers through drip emails.

Sometimes the users end up not buying your product. But because your product is already branding in their minds when consumers may suddenly need it, they will automatically search for your email. When consumers are ready, they will go to the place they remember. The drip campaign keeps you connected with old customers and new ones. Maintaining good relationships with consumers will help your product be the first choice of consumers when they buy.

2. Up-selling.

Drip campaigns are a really productive tool for increasing sales. People are more likely to open and respond to emails that are a part of a campaign. Moreover, as far as the emails are sent automatically, the recipients will have no chance to forget about you (just don’t overdo with the emails). If you continue sending drip emails regularly, you can persuade consumers return for the second time and finally make a deal. You can also make consumers recommend your product to their friends, or colleagues, or chiefs, or anyone else.

3. Convert consumers to the long term.

When you start the introduction of products with the drip campaign email, most consumers will not immediately buy your product in the first time. It will take some time and several emails to make customers get interested in your product. From the first to the third email, the consumer may just read the title. For the fourth and subsequent email, they might get really curious about the content and the things you are offering. And the next emails may be the last steps for them to a purchase. If you continue sending email drip campaigns, then consumers will remember your product for a long time.

4. Increase transactions personally.

If someone calls you, who are you most likely to respond: to someone addressing you simply “Hey!” or someone calling your name? Of course, you will immediately turn to the person calling your name. Just the same thing is with emails. You need to be very polite and address people by their names. When building a drip campaign, you can create your own email where you can personalize either the subject line or the email body, or both of them. Emails with personalized subject lines show higher open rate. That’s what you need. What is great, the leads names are matched automatically from your list of email recipients.

5. Save time and costs.

Can you imagine how much time you will spend on manual sending emails? How will you remember people who decided to not get any emails from you? How will know who’s already about buying the service? And after all, why doing all these things if automation tools deal with such problems quicker and better?

Promoting the product using drip email campaign will save you time and promotion costs. You no longer need to send emails manually. Everything you’ve got to do is to spend maximum half an hour on building an email campaign. The emails are sent automatically, what else have you got to do? Reap the fruits, that’s all. The saved time you may spend on something else.

Which tool to use

On the Internet, you can find everything. There are lots of alternatives for this or that service and you can choose one to your liking. We’d recommend you try Snov.io drip campaigns. The  drag-and-drop builder is easy to use and you can add triggers and delays, set the goals for every email sequence, create emails on-the-go, and save templates for later use. Thanks to Snov.io drip campaigns, you can use features and send emails on a large scale without any additional fees per email sent.

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