Why CSS is so important in Web Designing


Cascading Sheet Style most commonly known as CSS, it primarily used to design the website. CSS controls the colour, fonts, text background, margin, and layout of the web page. With available templates and themes, it’s easier to make changes to the website so why the need to learn CSS. For starters, as a developer you’re in control of what changes you want to make to your website. Whereas HTML deals with the actual content and structure of your website, CSS is what gives the website that aesthetic appeal, that easy on the eye feature. And after its initial release in 1996, CSS has evolved considerably over the years to become a better web designing tool over HTML and it helps separate the content and design. But the question is: why is it important?

#1. Faster loading page

CSS once downloaded is stored in cache memory and so the web pages will load faster and reduces the loading page by almost 50%. This is because the browse reads through the table twice: first to workout their structure and secondly to determine the content. Since, CSS requires less code than tables. All the code of the CSS can be placed in the external CSS’s document and stored on user’s computer whereas the the table code is stored in each HTML and must be loaded each time a new page opens. Also with CSS you have the option to to make the text open before the images, since images take a lot more time to load than text.

#2. Lowered hosting cost

Many developers like CSS style sheets because they don’t use as much bandwidth like table layouts hence lowering the price for hosting.

#3. Easier to maintain

HTML and CSS combined together makes the website easier to maintain because webmasters have to update their website periodically and it could be really hard editing thousands of pages and in such cases, it would take a lot of time to complete editing. But with CSS, the workload is reduced immensely because CSS allows the webmaster to handle all the pages together. All the web pages of the website can be modified and edited together with the help of the CSS since it nests all the pages of a website together.

#4. Better for Search engine accessibility

CSS is important in search engine rankings because it trims the HTML and the HTML codes will be clean which makes it easier for the search engine spider to locate the website. With CSS, you can easily change the coding of the website without ruining the coding. For instance, you could easily make the main content of your site to show up above the header or navigation menu in the code of your web site; this will help to show search engine spiders the importance of your content. They want to see the content on your website i.e. the text and not the code.

#5. Visual consistency maintained throughout the website

Since the content is completely separated from the design, we can make those changes in our Style Sheet and have its effect applicable everywhere. We are able to create rules, and apply those rules to many elements within the website. This approach offers many advantages when site-wide changes are required by a client.

#6. More complex logic and design

CSS goes well with HTML: when HTML is added to CSS they make well-built, technical sites.

#7. Compatibility with Browsers

CSS is compatible with every web browser whether it’s firefox, chrome, explorer; since, it is mixed with HTML or XHTML to produce web applications.

#8. Print Friendly

CSS may be used to produce print friendly web pages: web developers also like to use CSS because they can produce print friendly pages. This means the items like images or colors which used to be difficult to print are now printed easily and makes it easier to maintain the hard copy.

#9. Easy Coding

Sketching and designing with CSS is easier when compared to others, if you understand the basic HTML, you can learn CSS online or downloading an ebook.

The main purpose of CSS is to have a control over many elements on the website and make it visually attractive as well as make things easier for the developer. However, there are some drawbacks of CSS formats. It still operates as a style language not a layout language, meaning to create smooth layouts, you still have to use hand code. It also has little control over vertical, but not horizontal, limitations, thus it is hard to gain control over the vertical movements of the selected object. Another issue is the obvious lack of control over expressions, such as property values, which means it is much harder to alter an objects (i.e. table) size. CSS has little control over shapes too, as hard lined shapes (i.e. rectangle) are the only one’s available. Last of all, CSS is more difficult to view as other variables, such as screen size and browser type and version, affect the looks of the webpage. But overall, it provides a great and complete package for the web developers.

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Author bio: Jack Calder is a nice expert in the markup conversion of various cms technologies. He is currently working as Senior web developer and involved in the activity of PSD to HTML Conversion in very fast way. Jack loves to see movies and roam around with friends is his hobbies.

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